About Us

Welcome to the Flexachem UK website. Here you will find an introduction to our company, a description of our state-of-the art advanced process solutions capabilities, and access to specifications for our extensive product offerings. We welcome this opportunity to provide customised solutions for your specific engineered process equipment applications.

Flexachem UK has been supplying bursting discs, flame arrestors, tank venting valves and pressure relief valves into the UK markets for over 20 years. Our main focus has been the supply of process equipment to the Chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and oil & gas industries.

Our success has been in the selection of the right quality product range for our customers, these include; RMG flame arrestors, 3B Controls Tank breather valves, PBM ball valves, Zook bursting discs, Bopp & Reuther safety valves and Servinox hygienic process equipment. Our products are backed up with an excellent technical and after sales service, both from Flexachem UK and our suppliers.