Products & Services

Flexachem UK, in partnership with industry-leading engineering partners from around the world, designs and fabricates equipment and systems for process solutions, product containment and transfer, technically advanced fluid handling, and engineered chemical processing applications.Our products and services range from fully engineered equipment to off the shelf process equipment such as flame arrestors, safety valves, pressure relief valves and bursting discs.

Scope of Flexachem UK Services

At Flexachem UK, we work in close partnership with our customers from initial enquiry through to installation, certification and aftermarket support to provide comprehensive, customised and cost-effective engineering support services and unsurpassed product quality. Our goal is to provide exceptional sales, engineering and manufacturing support and to efficiently deliver the highest quality and most dependable product with exemplary performance and extended service life.

Flexachem UK can provide the following services:

  • Assessment of process equipment requirements
  • Appraisal of site parameters/possibilities
  • Evaluation of alternative process solution equipment recommendations, including costs
  • Detailed product specifications and technical design criteria
  • Accurate cost appraisals for product and project
  • On-site training for your operations and maintenance personnel on equipment such as; flame arrestors, safety valves, pressure relief valves and bursting discs
  • Spare parts service
  • Post-sales technical support

Certifications Provided by Flexachem UK

Flexachem UK Ltd have acheived ISO 9001;2008 accreditation with a UKAS approval body, our procucts where requested are supplied with the relevant documentation for use in hazardous areas (e.g., CE marking and certification; ATEX marking and certification for Atex Directive 94//9/EC; PED where applicable).